Frost Woods


The Frost Woods is a large forest of evergreen trees lying at the foot of the Anglardea Mountains. It is a place that many people fear, it is always snowing and has subarctic temperatures. The Icy Spire lies at it’s center. The people of Winterfall say that the never ending winter which grips these woods comes from this tower.

The old Dwarves of Tormalk fear the spire as the ancient home of the ancient goddess of the winter Kolidia. She has brought a never ending winter that as lasted as long as the Dwarves remember, and as long as the few Gnomes left in Winterfall remember.


Everwinter was the ancient center of the Southern Dwarven Empire after the great exile. The capital city of the dwarves Tormalk is in the Anglarda Mountains which lie along Everwinter spine. It is also where the shattered Vagabond gnomes ran after the battle of the Red Cove to the protection of these allies.

Frost Woods

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