The Fallen Jewel of the South

A large city in the south, Winterfall is ruled by a very powerful human family called Leomorn. They have ruled the city ever since, though their rule is not as complete as they would like.

The Drawves of the southern empire once where steady trade partners but as of late they have stopped coming in as great as numbers and the roads towards the mountains have become more dangerous with orcs and goblins. the city has not be threatened by these incursions as of yet but many fear that soon the town guard will fall and the city will be over run.


More recently there was a split in the government when the council of advisers to the duke, called the shadow council locally, was controlling the duke and actually running the affairs of the city. Their rule was brought down by a group of adventures who proved that they duke was not conducting state business by going to Tormalk and comparing handwriting with known members of the shadow council. A war was narrowly averted and the dukes rule was restored.

Shortly after this same adventuring party crippled the cities’ economy, based on the trade of magical ice, by destroying the god of winter. This was blamed on the duke, someone that many citizens believed had helped the party kill the winter god, and his rule was overthrown by the people and replaced by a popularly elected council.


The city has many districts with strict rules of who can be in what district stemming from the humans distrust of outside races except for the Dwarves. These Districts include a noble District near the center of with the great house of Leomorn capping a large hill that overlooks the entire town. Ringing that district is Gypsies row, this is where many of the shops and traders are. Also if you are looking for a Gnome or a temple to a Gnomeish god you are likely to find that in Gypsies Row as well.

Ringing Gypsies row is the poor district, this is where the majority of the people who reside in in the city live. Including the many poor humans the races that don’t have the good fortune of being Gnomeish or Drawven no matter their wealth are only allowed to live here. As such their is much resentment towards the Lords Leomorn and their laws here. If you are looking for illegal goods or just for a good time this is the place to come. There are also many temples to serve the varying dieties this people worship in this district.

Final in the ring right before the wall is the Adventures district. Adventures who visit Winterfall are strictly controlled. They must register with the town guard when they enter the city and though they are allowed to travel the other districts if they do not return to this one by night fall they will be expelled by the guard and banished from Winterfall. In this district many taverns and inns may be found as well as shops catering to the Adventures particular interests.

Interesting Information

For as long as anyone remembers this city has been run by the Human Leomorn family, though a few scholars and the Gnomes of the Gypsies District say this was once a great Gnomeish city none believe them.

The power of the Leomorn family has waxed and wained over the years as different lords have ruled over the city. The current Lord, one Wilamros Leomorn is considered a tyrant by many and has created much unrest in the poor district with his much stricter laws and the belief that he has ignored his ruling Counsel of Lords as well as most of his advisers.

Wilarmros handling of the threat from the Goblins and Orcs has also been viewed as cowardly. Instead of leading an army against the threat he has chosen to stay behind the city walls and fend off attacks.

Important Places

Eagles Hoof Tavern: The largest tavern and inn in the adventures district. It is a meeting place for all kinds of people from around Winterfall. It is currently run by one Gothor Abdun a ex-adventurer who is good for a story, or a excellent cup of ale and bowl of stew.

The Golden Hammer: A smithy run by dwarven brothers Oval and Erric Omalk. They are known all over Winterfall as the best makers of weapons of all kinds. They are also unique in the fact that their shop is in the adventurers district near the Eagles Hoof.

Bimpder’s Bazzar: One of the grandest stores in all of the region, if you need to buy it you can find it here. Bimpder has many connections among the scattered gnome families and uses them to bring in the best goods, as well as some unique information. This bazzar is the center of the Gypsies district.

Important Organizations

The Regulators: This guild consists of the higher ups in Winterfall society, elite shop owners, council members, politicians, and members of the ruling family. They have a large guild hall just below the top of the hill in the nobles district. The current head of this guild is one Etran Bohl a influential council member.

The Mages Guild: The Winterfall chapter of the guild has a small guild hall in the adventurers district. The current Arch Mage of this chapter is one Cornelius Agrippa an ex council member and well respected wizard in the city.

Thieves Guild: Once extremely powerful they were brought down shortly before the Duke was overthrown. They have slowly rebuilt to near their former glory though they now have to compete with a small but powerful group of assassins headed by Volke/Ian.


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